Being in Contact: Encountering a Bare Body explores the concept of bare bodies and how to encounter them in contemporary choreography. This artistic research draws on philosophical, bio-political and ethical discourse relevant for the emergence of bare bodies in choreographic work, and creates a frame for a reflexive movement between affect and ethics, sensuous address and response. Narrations of bare bodies transpire in this choreographed book.

Acts of baring and concealing get acknowledged as culturally situated, anchored in decolonising practices of being in contact, for unearthing their methodological weight and nanopolitical significance. The book unfolds and explores non-subjective performativity, implying a fluid conception of identity. It introduces the ideations of an-archic responsibility and choreo-ethics for reassessing contact, relation and solidarity as an ethico-aesthetic project of current choreographic performances. These propositions get probed alongside a shift from spectator to wit(h)ness. Differentiating and untangling the tones and shades of the triplet naked, nude, and bare shows that each term refers differently to body and performativity. All in all, the choreographic is conceptualised as a complex field of revelatory experiences built on ecologies of aesthetic perception and realising ethico-political agency.

Mariella Greil Being in Contact: Encountering a Bare Body

Published in the Series: Edition Angewandte by Walter De Gruyter | 2021

Hardcover: ISBN: 9783110739398

Electronic: ISBN: 9783110735987

368 pages, 165 x 240 mm, title 6 pages

Copyediting: David Ender, Scott Clifford Evans

Image editing: Pixelstorm

Chirography: Mariella Greil

Cover image: Mariella Greil

Cover design: Simona Koch

Design and layout: Simona Koch /

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