Choreo-ethical Assemblages – Narrations of Bare Bodies is a research project led by Mariella Greil. In dialogue with international specialists from the fields of Performance, Philosophy and Therapy, she explores the various relations and intersections between the three research areas with a focus on practices/forms/methods of Being-In-Contact, investigating, reflecting and synthesising the sharings and differences between them.
With ‘practice as research’ at its heart, Choreo-ethical Assemblages – Narrations of Bare Bodies stages a variety of choreo-ethical, inter-subjective and transdisciplinary encounters and explores the movements, interlinkings and interstices between practice and theory, developing fluency between thinking and doing. The conceptual bearing of choreo-ethical assemblages as highly mobile assemblies bound to singular, aesthetic-communicative situations gets probed in practice. A plurality of dialogue practices and modalities are to hand in the proposed cross-disciplinary laboratories. The hypothesis is that such assemblages arise in art, philosophy and therapeutic settings alike and the proposition is to explore how choreo-ethics – a newly coined term – have the capacity to activate processes, that form the fabric of social aesthetics through creative, performative tools. A variety of techniques, scores and practices of getting in touch, nurturing attention, thinking – through and with – arise as sensorial bodies. In expanded time frames dedicated to studio-experiments, an awareness and the skill to sustain inter-relational, choreo-ethical culture grow based on experiences and acts interwoven with dialogic discourse.
This singular research project works towards articulations and actualisations of politicised practice and immanent ethical forces, emerging specifically where meetings, collisions and generative resistances occur between people, but also between fields of practices (Performance, Philosophy and Therapy). Opening up and closely investigating the non-verbal and verbal methods in the forming of encounters, interactions, traces or speculations within the framework of polylogic laboratories is central, resulting in embodied knowledges and their dissemination through workshops, lab openings, performances, lectures and publications. A rich collection of Narrations of Bare Bodies will be developed – rehearsed and probed in the space of art as a potent social intervention – and findings as well as research processes will be shared with the public.